In the name of Allah the Most Clement the Most Merciful.


Every Silsilah (chain of transmission of spiritual influence and spiritual order) has specific recitations some of them are very powerful, so powerful that they have a secret way of recitation so that anyone not authorized to recite it even if he gets hold of the original text in Arabic cannot benefit of the countless blessings of the specific Darood or Qassidah. This is the case of Qassidah Ghauthia Sharif, the Poem written in Arabic by HHH Abd-ul Qadir Jilani, RA, known as Ghauth ul Adzam, RA, This title  (Ghauth means Helper and Adzam means the highest, the maximum) stands for the fact that Sheikh Abd ul Qadir Jilani, RA, has among the awlya-Allah, (the noble and pious accepted – by Allah – Servants of Allah SWT) the same status that His Holiness Hadzrat Muhammad, SAWS, has among the Prophets, AS for each of them.  The Qassidah Ghauthia is recited by members of the Qadiriah and also Naqshbandiah and Chishti orders with special authorization of the Pir. The power of the Qassidah Ghauthia is beyond description but its number of times of recitation and its way of recitation to be effective in all respect is a very well safeguarded secret. This way of recitation is only available to those who are really qualified for tasawwuf in the terms described by René Guénon in his works (especially Perspectives of Initiation). On the other side Naqshbandi order has a very powerful Darood given by Her Holiness Hadzrat Aysha Siddiqua, RA, the favorite spouse of HHH Prophet Muhammad, SAW and daughter of HHH Abu Baqr Siddique, AS from whom the Naqsh bandi Order derives.

Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is the elective powerful instrument for spiritual and material progress of the Chishti Order, also its power is beyond description. It has also a specific way of recitation that renders it very effective, but this way of recitation is not known to everyone. Anyhow in his bounty HHH Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari, RA, has given permission to anyone to recite this Darood because its benefits are such that can perceive also impure hearts. On the contrary its secret way of recitation is reserved to those who are authorized. We give here only the English translation, the original Arabic version will be available only for Muslims who will ask us the full text.


The Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif has a specific history strictly linked with the Chishti order. Hadzrat Qibla Shams ul Arifin Khawaja Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA, Pir of Sial Sharif (West Punjab, near Sargodha) in the Nizami Chishti Order, was feeling somehow sorry because the Chishti order did not have a specific powerful Qassidah to recite, like the Qassidah Ghauthia of the Qadirih order. One day on his way to meet his own Pir, Hadzrat Sulayman Taunsvi, RA, of Taunsa Sharif (a village bordering Punjab and Sarhad) he, RA, encountered an old man during his journey. The old man greeted him and told him “I have something to give to you to recite, my son”. The Pir Sahab (Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA) knowing the rigid but effective rules of relation between Pir and murid refused categorically to even listen to what the old man was to gift him. Quite curiously he met the same old man several times on his journey and every time until the old man offered him the same awrad to recite. The episodes went on for quite sometime, until Pir Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA, reached the spiritual center (kankah) of his Pir. When Pir Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA, went in presence of his Pir (Hadzrat Sulayman Taunsvi, RA) and after the reciprocal greeting his Pir Sahab, asked him “how went your journey?”, “Fine Alhamdulillah” was the answer, then his Pir insisted “Did you meet any special person during your journey?”, “no, I didn’t” answered Pir Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA, forgetting and assuming as irrelevant the personality of the old man who was pushing him to recite a new awrad. “Are you sure?” insisted Pir Sulayman Taunsvi, RA, the tune of the voice of his master and his insistence made Pir Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA, feeling that somehow the old man he met was important, thus he said “O yes! I was forgetting there was an old man whom I met several times during my travel and every time he insisted that I should take from him something to recite when you know that I can only have it from you, my lord!” At this Pir Sulayman Taunsvi, RA, smiled, a smile full of love for his selected and elected murid and taking out the same papers of the old man he said: “My dear son that “old man” was His Holiness Hadzrat Abd-ul Qadir Jilani, Ghauth ul Adzam, RA. He understood your grief that Chishti do not have anything similar to Qassidah Ghauthiah to recite, so he, RA, wanted to gift you this, which is the Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif”.

We have narrated the above story to underline that Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is of Divine origin since it has been given by the Sultan of the Saints, RA, HHH Abd-ul Qadir Jilani, RA, after his passing away – nothing can come from the unseen world without intercession of HHH Muhammad Mustafa, SAWS, and authorization of Allah SWT – and therefore its power derives from the spiritual influences contained in it. In order to understand the importance of this Darood Sharif we can quote the following verses which are part of a poetry: “King of both the world is Shah Abd-ul Qadir/ he is the leader of the progeny of Adam/He is the Sun, the Moon, the Throne, the Foot-Stool and the Pen/ Light of the heat reflected from the Sublime Light is Abd-ul Qadir”. Therefore Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is full of barqaat (Divine, Spiritual Blessings).

Furthermore the name of this Darood is also worth of some considerations. Infact the name of this Darood is Darood of the Red Sulfur.  Red indeed is one of the colors of tasawwuf and sulfur is an element well known in Alchemy. One of the meanings of the symbol related to the red color is that of transformation (it is for this reason that in Islam most of the brides dress in red to underline the permanent transformation of their life). Sulfur is also an element used in alchemy to transform substances, thus we may say that red sulfur stresses the aspect of a permanent transformation which derives by the continuous recitation of this composition in praise of the Holy Prophet, SAWS.


(Translated by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri from the book: The Sultan of Saints – Mystical Life and Teachings of Sheikh Abd-ul Qdir Jilani, RA)

O Allah shower the best of your blessings according to the number and confer your ever-increasing benevolence and your exquisite peace with regard to excellence and help, on Muhammad, SAWS, the most venerated reality of mankind who is the mine of intrinsic property of faith, the mountain of divine beneficence, the abode of divine mysteries, the central pearl of the necklace of the Prophets, the precursor of the body of Messengers and the best of all kinds of creation. Blessings be on him who is the bearer of eminent respect; owner of the most exalted veneration; witness of the primordial secret; the contemplator of the earliest divine radiation; the true interpreter of the eternity and perenniality; the fountainhead of divine knowledge, forbearance and wisdom; who is the sign of partial and total benevolence; who is the pupil of the eyes of celestial and phenomenal worlds; who is the soul of the Universe; who is the fountain of the life of both the worlds; who is endowed with the most elevated rank of servantship; who is illuminated by the mysteries of divinity; who is the owner of privileged stations and lovely honours; who  is the Chief of all (spiritualists)  and embodiment of all virtues; who is the great friend and beloved of his Lord, for whom the most high ranks and praiseworthy stations have been reserved. Whose Apostleship has been ratified by clear arguments and witnesses. Who has been made dominant and victorious. Who has been made dominant and victorious by awfulness and miracles, the possessors of honours and dignity. Blessings and peace be on Muhammad SAWS who is primordial and eternal light; who is praised in the domain of pre-creation and phenomenal creation. He is the gateway to divine mercy for the witness and the witnessed. He is the court for the witnesses and subject of the witness. He is the reality of everything and light of guidance. He is the innermost secret of each mystery and in himself such a theophany which has unveiled the veils of mysteries, from whom all kinds of effulgence are manifested. He is the hidden secret, manifest light, lord of all perfect in every respect, opener of the treasure of bounties, seal of the prophethood, first of the creation, last of appearance, veiled from the eye of wisdom, unveiled to the eye of love, last to come, gatherer of the people at his feet at Doomsday, forbidder of evil, enjoiner of good, the admonisher, the succourer, the patient, the grateful, the bower out of humility, worshipper of the Lord every moment, the effacer of every falsehood, the most excellent, the most sublime, the adorer of his Lord. His faithful, the trustful worshiper of His Lord, living apart from worldly enticements, standing at the Divine Court, sitting in prayer, the bower, the prostrater, the utmost obedient, the witness, the friend, embodiment of virtues, evidence of Divine Unity, irrefutable argument, the one chosen for obedience, submissive in the Divine sanctuary, the submissive, (to Allah SWT) the righteous, the seeker of Divine help, the embodiment of truth, the revealer of truth, the full moon, the Chief of the Apostles, Ta Ha, Ya Sin, wrapped up in the mantle, the clothed one, the Chief of all the Messengers, the leader of all the righteous, seal of the prophethood, the beloved friend of the Lord of Universe, the chosen Prophet, the chosen Messenger. The just, the Justice, the subtle one, the knower, the most wise, the knowledgeable, the dominant, the kind hearted, the compassionate, the forgiving, the appreciative, the high, the kind, Your eternal light and Your right path is Muhammad SAWS. Your servant, Your close friend, Messenger, Your Elect, Your beloved friend, Your Prophet, Your trustworthy, Guide unto You, Your confider, Your Elect, leader of the good, guide toward good, the Messenger of mercy, the unlettered Prophet, the Arab, the Quraish, the Hashmite, al-Abtahiy, al-Makkiee, al-Madinee, al-Tihamiy, the witness, the observer of Your (Allah’s) Beauty, the near friend, the blessed servant, the beloved, the intercessor, the respected, the exalted, the elegant, the admonisher, the bringer of good tidings, the Warner, the benevolent, the clement, the most generous, the gracious, the pure, the blessed, the established in Divine presence, the truthful, the affirmed, inviter towards You with Your permission, the radiant lamp which encompassed the entire realities and emerged successful and excelled all the creations whom You made Your beloved friend, whom You called upon and conversed in secret, whom You brought near to You and made him monitor. On whose advent You sealed apostleship, guidance, glad tidings, warning, and prophethood and helped him by conferring on him awfulness, made the clouds to put shadow on him, made the downing sun return for him, split the moon for him, You made porpoise, gazelle, wolf, dry date-tree, roasted meat of goat, camel, mountain, lump of clay, trees, and stone speak to him. For whom You made sweet water burst forth from his finger. For whom You made heavy rain fall down in draught and famine by his invocation which made barren land, rocks, hilly places, dry fields, deserts, stones, clay hills fertile. You carried him by night from the Masjid of Mecca to the Masjid of al-Aqsa, and from there to seven spheres from there to the “Lote Tree of the Boundary” from there to “Two-bow length or closer”. To whom You did show your greatest signs. You bestowed on him the august and exalted position. You addressed him, conversed with him in Your presence, favoured him to see You with his bodily eyes. You reserved for him the elevated position of Chief mediator and great intercessor on the Resurrection Day which would be the day of utmost anxiety and disturbance. You made him eloquent in speech and pearl of wisdom. You made his nation, the best of all nations and pardoned their sins from the beginning to the end. He who conveyed Your message, fulfilled the trust, advised his Ummah, banished the trouble, enlightened the darkness and he waged holy war against infidelity and worshipped his Lord until he returned to eternal abode. 

O Lord of Honour and Power, place him at the Lauded Station so that all his predecessors and successors envy him. O my Lord, exalt his name and make his religion dominant and his Shariah everlasting and endow him with abundant sublimities and in the Hereafter accept his intercession in respect of his Ummah and elevate him to prominent rank and award him the best recompense and return. Make the blessedness of his Praiswerly station manifest to all the predecessor and successors. Award him precedence over all the favourites of Divine presence. O my Lord, accept his most effective (right of) intercession and elevate him more to august rank. Also fulfil his desire in the world and the Hereafter as you have done in case of Ibrahim and Moses. O Allah, join him with those of your bondsmen who are highly honored and venerated in respect of sublimity and miracles and whose ranks are lofty in your presence and who are highly regarded near You and whose intercession is very strong in your court. O Allah, honor his authority and make his evidence prominent, and grant him his request in respect of the people of his house and his progeny. O Allah, make his offspring and his followers true adherent to his wont which may provide satisfaction to him. What recompense have You given to each prophet on behalf of his community, give the best reward to our patron on behalf of us and also give good return to all the Prophets.
O Allah! Shower blessings and peace on our master in number equal to the eyes that see and the ears that listen.

O Allah! Shower blessings and peace on him in number equal to those who have sent blessings to him and equal to those who have not sent blessings to him.

Send blessings and confer peace in the manner You like and pleased that blessings be sent to him.

Send blessings and confer peace in the manner which befits his majesty.

O Allah! Send blessings and confer peace on him and on his Children in number equal to the bounties of God Most High and His beneficence.

O Allah! Send blessings and confer peace on Muhammad (SAWS) our master and on his family, on his companions, on his progeny, on his grandsons, on his wives, on his children, on the pious people of his house, on his kins, on his father-in-law on his son-in-law, on his friends, on his followers, on his helpers who are the store-house of his secrets and mines of his light, and who are the treasure of Truth, who are the leaders of the people and are the stars of guidance for their followers. Infinite blessings and peace be on all of them.

O Allah be pleased with his companions for ever and equal to the number of Your creations and equal to the weight of Your Throne, and equal to the ink of Your words, Let this blessings and salutations continue as long as You are remembered by those who glorify you and by those who forget to glorify You. Such blessings be on him as it please Yourself and deserving for Your prophet and a cause of our weal and prosperity and grant him the right of mediation, and the august and the highest status. O Allah, bestow on him the Lauded Station and award him the Banner of Praise and the Heavenly Fountain (Kausar) where all the thirsty folk would assemble. O my Lord, shower blessings on all his brother prophets and messengers, saints of his community, the righteous, the angels of access [and our patron Shaikh Mohyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani who occupies nearest place in Divine Presence and is the guardian of divine mysteries. This addition is made by Shaikh Abdul Haq. May all of them be blessed by the Lord.

O Allah! Bless our master Muhammad (SAWS) and his progeny who is the first primordial light and whose advent is mercy for the entire universe, equal in number to Your creation that has left and equal in number which has yet to come and as many as there were fortunate in them and as many as there were unfortunates in them; the blessings which could encompass all the numbers and encircle all the limits. Such blessings which have no limit, nor time-scale, nor end, nor estimation. Your those blessings that have been bestowed on him and presented in the presence of the Prophet (SAWS) and accepted there and is liked by the venerated Prophet, SAWS. Such eternal blessings be on him as Your are Eternal Yourself and listings as You are Everlasting and have no end, beyond your knowledge. Such blessings be on him which may please You and please Your Beloved and by the virtue of which you are pleased with us. Such blessing which may fill the heavens and earth. Such blessings by the grace of which You accept our supplications and purify our baser-self, bring to life our dead souls, solve our complex problems, banish all our trials and tribulations, by virtue of which Your grace and beneficence may permeate our affairs and affairs of all the Muslims.

O Allah, bestow unceasing benedictions on us, put up with our transgressions, keep us steadfast on his right path, and help us, and keep us in peace, make our matters easy by keeping our bodies and souls undisturbed. Confer peace and safety on our faith and creed, in our worldly matters and in the Hereafter. Our end should be on the Qur’an and Sunnah. Gather us with your Beloved friend in Paradise without indulging us in severe torment in the condition You are pleased with us and not angry with us. By Your grace, make our end without trouble in peace and safety.

Glory to the Lord, The Lord of Honour and Power! He is free from what they ascribe And Peace be on the Apostles and Praise is due to the Lord of the World. The Most Merciful of all the mercifuls.