Il Tributo

Un tributo all’ umile servo e schiavo (Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al Azhari, Radhiallaho Anho, giudice della Corte Suprema del Pakistan), del sommo e sublime servo e schiavo di Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala...Read More

Chi Siamo?

Siamo i Pir (parola persiana che significa maestro spirituale), del Silsilah (linea o la catena di trasmissione spirituale) Chishti Nizami e appartengono alla Tariqat di Hadzrat Pir ul Amin Hasnat...Read More


Bulleh Shah is perhaps the most famous poet of Punjabi language writing inspired verses tasawwuf. His grave is in a small village, Pando-Ke, near Kasur, south of Lahore in what is considered now...Read More

Biography of Justice Supreme Court Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari Zia ul Ummat, RA

There are several biographies already available several biographies [bb , cc] about His Holiness Hadzrat Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari, RA, known as Zia ul Ummat, RA, (Shah in the Indian...Read More

René Guénon

A biographical note René Guénon was born in Blois, France, on 15 November 1886 and passed away in Cairo, Egypt, on 7 January 1951. Although well known in French intellectual circles since the...Read More


Here following a selection of verses of His Holiness Hadzrat Sir Allama Iqbal, RA. From the Urdu collection Bang-e-Dara (The Caravan’s Call) translated by D.J. Matthews, Senior Lecturer in Urdu and...Read More

Spiritual Poetry

Introduction Poetry is in general an expression of feelings written in a form recalling imaginative descriptions opening a view beyond present reality. While ancient poetry was written in a...Read More

Why Poetry?

Introduction Poetry is justified rather encouraged for Muslims if finalized to recandle and keep alive the fire of love for HHH Muhammad, SAWS, and Allah SWT. But why poetry and not prose, not...Read More


In the name of Allah the Most Clement the Most Merciful. Foreword Every Silsilah (chain of transmission of spiritual influence and spiritual order) has specific recitations some of them are very...Read More

Sufi - The Apex of the Spiritual Path of Islam

In the first chapter of her book: “The Chishtis. A living light” (Oxford Millennium Press). Missis Muneera Haeri has made a tremendous effort to shed a proper light on the so-called “Sufism” but...Read More